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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Rise of the Anti-Media

In-Forming the American Concealed Weapon Carry Movement 


Brian Anse Patrick


List of Figures



            Introduction: The Impossible Takes Twenty Years                                                                                                


1    The Era of Restricted Carry            

Restricted Carry as Status Quo            1-2

Discretionary Systems            1-4

Mail Order Pistols, the Sullivan Law and the Uniform Firearms Act            1-7

Caveats and Clarifications on the Regulation of Guns             1-12

Traditional Gun Culture and Restricted Carry            1-16           

Devaluation of Concealed Weapons by Traditional Gun Culture            1-22

Race and the Revolver Habit            1-25

Concealed Carry In Progressive Detroit             1-36

An Aristotelian Political Solution            1-43


2  Energizing the New American Gun Culture 

            Magnitude of the Effect            2-1

            Local Tactics            2-4

            Gossamer Public Opinion v. Concrete Social Movement             2-11

            The Gun Control Paradox Untied            2-16

            Social Movements and Culture            2-24

            Traditional Gun Culture Before New Gun Culture            2-27

            Adversity and New Gun Culture             2-31

            Horizontal Interpretive Community v. Vertical Communication System              2-34

            Anti-Media             2-37           


3   Diffusion of Concealed Carry           

            Florida’s Discontents             3-1

            Marion Hammer and the Unified Sportsmen of Florida             3-13

            Communicating Social Action             3-21



4  Horizontal Interpretive Communities in   Action            

            Toward Apogee            4-4

            Horizontal Communications            4-10

            Horizontal v. Vertical Informational Systems in Ohio            4-18


5      Mass News Media and Concealed Carry           

            Primacy of Expert Anti-gun Sources in News            5-2

            The Meta-Story of News            5-7

            Themes of Support for Concealed Carry            5-16

            Additional Observations on News Coverage            5-18

            Anti-Media Alternatives            5-28


6   Women, Students and Other Gun Culture Converts            

            Converts             6-3

            The Known, the Unknown and the Imagined            6-7

            Reality of the Imagined            6-14

            Market or Movement?            6-18

            Guns and Salvavirgo            6-26

            Women and Concealed Carry Mobilization            6-29           

            Students for Concealed Carry            6-31

            Some Other Groups            6-52


7   Under Social Construction: The Right to Bear Arms

            Shall Issue as a De Facto Individual Right            7-3

            Exegesis of Sacred Texts            7-6

            The Mutual Exclusivity Logical Fallacy             7-10

            Creating and Marshalling Knowledge              7-15

            The Pragmatics of Social Movement             7-30

            Parallels with Civil Rights Movement             7-32


8    Anti-Media, the Concealed Carry Movement and the Original Meaning of the First Amendment 

            Interpretive Autonomy            8-3

            Overcoming Distance, Scale, Time and Economics            8-11

            Anti-Media             8-24           


9    Informational Politics 

            The Right to Interpret Meaning            9-2

            Mass Democracy’s Interpretive Priesthood             9-7

            Informational Change            9-15




Sign of Progress

The above photo was recently shot in Detroit on 8 Mile Rd near the corner of Gratiot Avenue by me.

The success of the Concealed Carry Movement is something that no one would would have predicted 20 years ago, and yet it is here, it works, and the movement is growing.  

New American Gun Culture ranks among  the most successful social movements of the past half century. 

Brian Anse Patrick