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Monday, February 6, 2012

Christian Science Monitor Quote

Reporter Patrik Johnson quoted me in a Christian Science Monitor article on Feb. 4 concerning NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Gun Culture. Here is the link:

Brady Center just announced a new president. It is my impression that anti-gunners have been gearing up for another top-down mass propaganda campaign against the New American Gun Culture.

They will attempt to see what they can accomplish without popular support and behind the illusion of public service. Don't forget their livelihoods and prestige are built on their image as "public servants" rather than the reality: an elite class that partakes deeply and often from the publicly-funded trough. Some animals are more equal than others in this regard, we must remember, from reading Orwell.

If ever you get the chance--read George Orwell's powerful and punchy essay, "Politics and the English Language." You can find it online. And then compare Mayor Bloomberg's stock cant with what Orwell has to say about the political abuses of language.