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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brian Anse Patrick: Misperceptions of Middleclasshood--the Cargo Cult of the American Dream

New Publication 

"Misperceptions of Middleclasshood: Socialization Propaganda and the Cargo Cult of the American Dream," is now available on Amazon/Kindle.  The paper explores the dimensions, causes and effects of the mass fantasy shared by most  Americans of somehow belonging to "the middle class," when in fact they are clearly members of the lower, working class, as measured by any reasonable set of historically accepted indicators.   The author suggests this erroneously held belief is responsible for a great deal of individual and social malaise because, like traditional cargo cults in colonial situations across the world, the holders of such belief systems stop working meaningfully programs of self development and education, and instead become victims of messianic movement type politics in which demagogic oligarchies exploit magical thinking.