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Monday, February 16, 2015

Interview in Christian Science Monitor

Valentine's Day coverage of Professor Brian Anse Patrick.  See:

I have talked to this reporter before.  He usually quotes me accurately (which is rare) and fairly although sometimes in contexts that are a bit askew.  Seems to try to get a different take on gun matters than the norm.

I am a little sad, though, that he did not use my line:  "I carry a gun for philosophical reasons."

My book PropaGUNda is coming along nicely. I promised this to Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation quite a while back and was distracted by two other books that just had to be written: Zombology: Zombies and the Decline of the West (and Guns), now out by Arktos Media, and Aristotle on Business Communication (now in the review/editing process at Peter Lang Publishing).

Alan, the book is coming!

Below is a photo taken by University of Toledo photographer Dan Miller:

I Feel Pretty