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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dictionary of Academia Now on Amazon Kindle

Here is the link to Amazon:

The author is amazing, funny, outrageous, too. The book promised to be "abrasive"and it delivers. It takes a sandblast hose to the pretensions of academia, academics, and especially to all our overpaid friends in academic administration. Definitions and topics covered in this masterpiece include: Autocopulatory Cognition (think about that one for a while), the Subprime Educational Market, and $tudent. Learn about the new "Eduhcation" and "Duh-mocracy" and the hitherto mysterious reproductive lives of deans. Administration is defined as a "sort of witless protection program." I love this dictionary and plan to contribute definitions for the next edition. Mockery becomes a high art form as it is delivered by this book. I write on propaganda, see The Ten Commandments of Propaganda, and this book simply demolishes much of the educational propaganda that is being spewed out by university administrators who have wrongfully taken upon themselves the mantle of knowledge. This book pays them their due.