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Sunday, October 30, 2011

BAP and Buffalo Roaming in Ruby Valley, Montana

October 2011

This shot is taken in front of the Ted Turner Ranch.  Those are his buffalo and I wasn't about to robin-hood one of them.

We shot no elk.  We did see elk cows.  My friend Henry Lievens attempted a very long shot, actually four shots, at a monster bull elk more than 400 yards distant, with his .338.  He came close--rocks fragmented above and below where the elk was crossing the mountain side.  It reminded me of the joke about the three statisticians who went elk hunting: the first saw a distant elk, leveled his rifle and fired; the shot struck three feet low; the second in turn fired his rifle, and it hit three feet high on the rocky slope; said the third, "We got him."  They were, of course, social statisticians, working for the Obama administration.  

We didn't get him. No meat for us, although we share a better sense of reality testing than the social statisticians and those whom they inform.  We did see four moose, a few hundred antelope. a few hundred mule deer,  two astonishing foxes that behaved as if they had never seem humans before and a shrew-like creature that lived at about 9,000 feet.

It was a great hunt.    

Monday, October 24, 2011

Montana 2011 Hunt

BAP on Kermit with Black Butte in Background

Henry Lievens on Little Squirt with Black Butte in Background

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brian Anse Patrick's Ten Commandments of Propaganda now on Amazon/Kindle

My new book, The Ten Commandments of Propaganda, was published today on Amazon/Kindle. See:

Price is $9.99.

Cover photo and layout by Thomas Osswald.

Model is Brooke Wagner.