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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two Fisted Drinker

This is yet another olden times photograph taken by my Father, Thomas A. Patrick, date and place unknown.  The gentleman is also unidentified.   

The hats, ties and shoes of the persons in the background might place it in the late 1940s perhaps.  My guess as to location would be one of the private ethnic parks/clubs around the Detroit area.  And I would further guess the gentleman might be an Udvari, a Hungarian family to which my Mother was related by marriage. 

In any case, the gentleman has style.   

A curious thing about the gentleman and fellow sportsmen with whom my Father associated, hunted and fished.  They all drank. Some of them quite a bit.  But none of them were drunks. In fact they would not associate with a drunk.  Concerning this matter, recollect W. Churchhill's statement about drinking:  "I took more out of alcohol than alcohol ever took out of me,"  (paraphrased).  They operated something like that.   

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