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Monday, September 26, 2011


Above is a collage of a few of the bumper stickers and decals distributed by the Second Amendment Foundation, the host of the conference.

Below, please find the three-page agenda highlighting the many accomplished speakers, authors, scholars, attorneys and gun culture activists who gathered there--a horizontal interpretive community that has created the new political-social reality of American Gun Culture. If you wish to understand, in part, why America is such a great and creative nation, then you should attend this conference next year. Here there are gathered many people worthy of emulation. Virtue is not merely an old-fashioned word.

Below, at the end of this entry, overlaying the third page of the agenda, are the notes from my presentation. The only similarity I can claim with the Gettysburg Address is that both were written on an envelope.

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I seem to be your only blog member. Think you need a class project.