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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Book--Zombology: Zombies and the Decline of the West (and Guns)

In Between Shots for Zomobology Cover

Zombology will be out soon.  The book advances the thesis that the current zombie phenomenon is the result of a disturbances in the Western collective unconscious concerning the perceived decline of Western civilization. 

It's very Jungian. 

The above photograph features cover girl Brooke Wagner, who has modeled for some of my previous book covers, who on the Zombology cover will appear as both a zombie and, suitably made up, a zombie slayer. She makes a fine zombie. 

The book also says much about the current spread of the gun rights movement and the huge increases in gun ownership and firearm training by so many Americans. 



Brian Anse Patrick said...

I will look into posting on Ibook. Thank you for the suggestive question!

Roberta X said...

What does it say about reminding people -- including models -- to NOT STICK THEIR HAND OVER THE MUZZLE OF A GUN?

Srsly, dude, she may not know nothin' about firearms but you do. This photo makes me sad and it didn't have to.

Brian Anse Patrick said...

Hi Roberta,

Brooke's hand is behind the muzzle.