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Monday, May 11, 2015

Brian Anse Patrick Red Ice Radio Interview

This is a two-hour interview on The Ten Commandments of Propaganda, zombies and other subjects:


stormrung e said...

This interview was a fascinating introduction to Mr. Patrick's work. I appreciated the wide-ranging discussion and most importantly the common sense insight Mr. Patrick conveys, which is actually quite disturbing.

For instance, the idea that most people he meets in academia have used false ideas and propaganda to give meaning to their lives is a truth I have wrestled with for some time, but always felt that my perception was a bit askew on this.
Count me as a fan.

stormrung e said...

This was a very enjoyable interview and a great introduction to the ideas of Mr. Patrick. The idea that we are empty vessels to be filled by ideas, music, and just sound struck me completely during the last few presidential campaigns. All you need is a good-looking guy who looks good in a suit, with especially a baritone voice and you have a candidate.

I am also interested in all the propoganda used in business and the workplace. Also, the propoganda used by academic institutions has always fascinated me.

Thanks. I am a fan.