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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

President Christie the Destroyer

Schizoid Governor Wants to Shoot Down Russian Planes While Disarming U.S.  Citizens


Roger Katz, Attorney at Law

Stephen L. D'Andrilli

Edited by Brian Anse Patrick 

A statement by a Republican Party candidate Chris Christie in the December 15 GOP debate was so horrifically absurd it deserves commentary, even though it was ignored by the usually hypercritical mainstream media.

We refer to a remark of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in response to a hypothetical question by Wolf Blitzer, CNN moderator, concerning how America ought to react to a Russian plane entering into a U.S. created no-fly zone in Syria.

Christie said: “Not only would we be prepared to do it [shoot down a Russian military aircraft], I would do it. A no-fly zone means a no-fly zone, Wolf, that’s what it means.”
This cowboy response might be expected from Dr. Strangelove, but not from the Governor of one of the most densely populated American states, and certainly not from a U.S. President. Did it occur to the Governor that it might be a good idea to perhaps talk with the Russians before committing to war? What if the hypothetical Russian plane were in route to a relief mission or to interdict terrorists? The Russians have every bit as much at stake as the U.S. in the matter of controlling terrorism, for their experiences include the Metrojet Charter bombing, the Dubrovka Theatre in Moscow and the murdered and raped school kids at Breslau. 
The remark also underscores what appears to be a schizoid aspect of Governor Christie, namely the abrupt inconsistency between his gunslinger attitude and actual policy of his administration. This “quick-on-the-draw” executive governs a State that ranks among the top five States with the most oppressive firearms’ laws. New Jersey treats even law-abiding non-resident handgun carry permit holders with high-handed disdain. Should non-residents inadvertently bring handguns into the State while in transit elsewhere, they are prosecuted to the full extent of New Jersey law. This man who would irresponsibly start a war with a nuclear power apparently cannot tolerate the idea of lawful carry by responsible licensed citizens.  

And should a law-abiding New Jersey resident wish to secure a handgun carry permit for self-defense, forget about it! New Jersey has issued only a handful of handgun carry permits – all of which have gone to “connected” politicians and judicial officers in the State.
If elected President of the United States, Governor Chris Christie– ostensibly a “Republican” but whose actions place him in the category of Antigun Progressive Democrat – would most likely work toward securing a disarmed American public, in the same mold as New Jersey.
For comparative purposes we might consider what would happen if Russia created a no fly-zone and shot down an American plane. Imagine the outrage. And yet the first idea that flies out of Christie’s mouth is to shoot first, with no questions asked because, “a no fly zone means a no fly zone.” 

Socrates Mr. Christie is not. 
Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has a perhaps undeserved reputation as a cowboy in the Western media, appears restrained and measured in comparison to Governor Christie. We have a non-hypothetical event by which to judge Putin when a Turkish military aircraft recently shot down a Russian military craft. Turkey being a N.A.T.O. ally, this act brings guilt by association upon the U.S. Fortunately Mr. Putin appears to have a cooler head than Mr. Christie. So a Mr. Putin, Christie is not either.

As a chief executive Chris Christie apparently would see no reason not to directly engage Russia. At the debate on Tuesday, he seemed eager to do so. Why fight with Mother Russia over a group of murderous jihadists in Syria that comprise a tangible, explicit threat to both East and West? Is this Mr. Christie’s vanity speaking? His ego?

Even though Christie’s attitudes may seem schizoid on the surface, underneath there appears to be a unifying theme: a propensity toward unrestrained use of power by the few. Mr. Christie shares this trait with Ms. Hillary Clinton. Both are scourges of Americans’ Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and would exercise power to disarm law-abiding Americans’ of their natural right of defense against criminals, lunatics, foreign- and homegrown radicalized extremists. And both seem more than willing to do as they please, consequences for others be damned.

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